Friday, 3 October 2014

Uncertainty information in Climate Data Records

We are well into our planning for a User Consultation workshop on representing uncertainty information in our SST CCI products in the most useful way. (Registration is still open.)

Venue: Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK
Date: 18-20th November 2014.

This workshop will be a two-way discussion between data providers and users. We aim to create a common understanding of: where uncertainty comes from (in this case, uncertainty in satellite sea surface temperature); how to talk about uncertainty unambiguously; how well the uncertainty information that is provided addresses users´ needs; and how to practically use such uncertainty information. It will achieve this through a mixture of oral and poster presentations, activities and group discussions.

We as data producers need to provide uncertainty information that users have confidence in, and have confidence in using. That is, they need to know it is realistic information, and what they can validly do with the information. Achieving this definitely involves increased mutual understanding, so it should be a very stimulating and lively meeting.

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